For everything we do — and anything you can think of, you’ll find it here. 

Have a style in mind? Or perhaps you want your own custom creation? Whatever type of preserved floral arrangement you’re thinking of, feel free to mix and match right here until your vision comes true.


The yin to the square’s yang, this option with several sizes lends added versatility, allowing you more freedom on where to place your perfectly preserved flowers.


Available in a variety of sizes, preserving your favourite flowers or wedding bouquet in this classic shape is a favoured standard, and for good reason.


Our preserved floral arrangement bundles have been specially curated to maximize value while minimizing the time it takes you to get exactly what you want. And with many options to choose from, you’re sure to find the collection that’s perfect for you.


Accessorize in style with our artful collection of stylish ring holders.


Cradle all your flames with our boutique ensemble of craft-inspired candle holders.


Your fanciful odds and ends deserve an elegant space to rest. Hello trinket dishes.

Custom Items

Have something unique in mind? We can help you bring your creation to life. With our custom items, you can be sure you’ll have what you envisioned. *Please note that these are available as add-on items to our floral blocks.


For the importance of both art and tradition, choose a more refined place for your brushes or chopsticks to lay with our uniquely designed holders.


Help keep that aged bordeaux ripe and fresh with our carefully constructed bottle stoppers. Perfect for the next casual get together with friends.


Invite light into your life and brighten up all of your favourite spaces with lamps from our cherished collection.


Our coasters aren’t just great ways to protect your beloved surfaces, they’re true reflections of our commitment to bringing more beauty into the world.

*Glass not included