I’m going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life.” 

~ Elsie de Wolfe


Who we are

At Cherish, our namesake is our creed — and our creed is our promise. 

We seek to love and care for everything we touch. From our customers, to whom we will always deliver the best experience, to the environment, which we help protect through charitable donations to help combat global warming and by using sustainable packaging from eco-friendly suppliers.

That oath to cherish also extends to you, personally, because we promise to help love and care for your most precious memories by finding you preserved florals and products that are true reflections of your honest expression.

What we do

While we are a boutique design studio specializing in floral preservation and resin art, we’re also so much more.

Our fondest wish is to help you preserve your most cherished floral arrangements and the emotional memories tied to them. Whether it’s as a beautiful display or an everyday piece, our artistic dedication is derived from that very special feeling you get when you recall those breathtaking moments in your life.